Be the better person.

Constantly dissociate yourself from people.


Cause the truth is, people hurt you all the time. Even your loved ones. I know, I know, it’s not fair. Why can they hurt me, but every time I hurt them back, I’m at fault? I have feelings too you know.


When am I, when am I gonna start living?

When am I, when am I gonna kill this feeling?

When am I, when am I gonna move on?

When am I, when am I gonna stop this dreaming?


It’s okay lah. Be the better person. don’t let others action define you. Do what you want. It’s okay to be nice to people. you’ve seen the proof for almost 20 years.


Being mean will result in nothing, or worse. So just be nice, Man.


It’s who you are.



0025 hours

ps: kan ada aku pernah post sinopsis cerita Kriminal tu kan. kalau ada yang berminat nak baca (unedited version) boleh dm atau pm saya. dah ada dalam 13 bab. yeay