Write and write!

This is indeed a long break.


It is not that I gave up on completing Kriminal, it is just I’m lazy. Yeah, the truth have been spoken. Apparently I’m the type of person that need to force myself to start doing something, then I will be motivated by it.


In short, I’m a lazy and unmotivated skinny potato. Ahaha.


I should get back on track. I really love writing you know. Issac Asimov gave a good impact on my thinking because he said, the important thing to do is to keep on writing. If you’re stuck with this project, don’t waste your time thinking, do something. Find the solution or just move on to another project for awhile.


Even tho, I read like what, only one of his story? I still hold on to his words. The proof is there, even when I’m really hyped to finish Kriminal, I still find times to write here, on Google+, and thinking ideas for other stories.


I should not waste the gift that God have given me.


I’m a storyteller. That is who I am.


Yeah yeah, I know being a writer in Malaysia does not really equate to being rich. It is not even considered as a job here. Most writers are doing something else to support their living.


But I guess, that is a good thing because this people are writing despite their time constraint. They are writing because they LOVE writing. It is okay Man, you’re still young. Take your time.


The important thing is to keep moving forward!



0003 hours


Trapped in the Dungeon.

It had been 10 years.


10 years spent in the dungeon that had no way out.


He couldn’t believe the way he had persisted all this years, fighting all the demons that came his way. He couldn’t believe a fledgling like him could survive in the dungeon, all alone. But alas, he was tired.


All this fighting, running away from the demons had taken a toll on him. He wants to stop. In the beginning, it was all fun, since he thought, the dungeon must have a way out and he could take all the treasures for himself. He should have listened to the elders.


Now, fast forward 10 years, all the treasures that he kept were meaningless. It does not matter anymore.


He just wants to go out.


He was tired.


I am tired.



2355 hours