Flowers, for you. 

Okay, this is not tulips, but a markisa flower.

‘Manno, do you have a song, that you repeatedly listened for the past few years? A song that affect you in a way that you couldn’t imagine. Do you have one?’

Hmm. A special song eh? A song that reminds me that I’m more than this. A song that could calm me down, as if the wind itself whispered in my ears. A song that truly speak of pure love.

‘Yup. Stop rephrasing my question poetically.’

This is quite hard.

‘Come onnn. How can you forget such a song? ‘

Oh, wait. I think I’ve got something. Everytime I listened to it, my heart was at ease, my mind full of bliss. Play it a thousand times for me, but still your voice is a labyrinth I cannot foresee.

Ah, I’ve spoiled it. Indeed, your voice is the one and only melody that’s worthy to me.

‘You and your sweet words. Did you drink too much coffee this morning? Cause it looks like the bitterness of the coffee still couldn’t tone down your sweet talk. Wait wait, where are you taking me? ‘

Come on, I have something for you. Would you follow me, my dear? Nothing special, but alas, you have to see it first.

‘A surprise? Pretty rare of you.’

Here it is. Tulips, for you. Pretty little things I’d taken care of since 2 months ago.

‘Wow. They’re really pretty. Where did you get this?’

I bought the seeds from the flower shop on our street. Beautiful isn’t she? They couldn’t believe me when I said that you are the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. But now, even the flowers are so mesmerized by the sight of you, they can’t speak like they used to.

Ohoh, now you’re speechless too.


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